Top 5 tips to reduce moving costs

We often have several plans when it comes to moving into our new home, but the cost often makes this hard. A recent survey revealed that the cost of moving is greater than ever before. So, in this blog, we have listed some important tips to help people reduce the cost of moving. Let’s have a look.

Choose the right time for moving

Finding the right time to move is important. Some people want to move in summer when the weather is nice, or they may plan of moving at the weekend. These are popular times to move, it’s usually dry during the summer and is lighter for longer, making moving easier. Most people work 9-5 jobs and have weekends off, also making this a popular choice. You want to try and avoid these, moving companies will be readily available and may even offer a discount if it’s out of season.

Selection of right estate agent

We are surrounded by various companies who offer services of estate agents, however, a lot of them can be expensive. Make sure you select an estate agent whom you can trust and has honest information to share with you regarding the market. Having the essential qualifications is important to deal with all kind of issues. Estate agents in W1 are known for their right strategies. Check out them today.


One of the biggest costs when moving is the number of items you have. It’s important to declutter and get rid of all unnecessary junk before you move. If it’s not important maybe consider getting rid of it, this will decrease the number of items you need to move and lower the cost to do so.

Review Services

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on everything, such as bills, tv-license, and other utilities, and let the respecting companies know when you move into a new house. An estate agent can help you with this, giving you advice when to inform them so that you don’t end up waiting or paying more than you should.

Make a detailed plan

It’s necessary for everyone to make a detailed plan for where everything is going to go. Anything not needed should be kept somewhere else to get rid of the clutter issue.


These are the important tips that we need to keep in mind in order to reduce moving cost. It can be easily managed if we act wisely. Davis Brown excels in this and has been working with people for years to let them know what things they should keep in mind before moving.


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